Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can use this workbook?

  • Ages 9-99 – This workbook was specifically designed for anyone to use.  From someone with minimal music knowledge to more advanced, it should be self explanatory enough for someone to guide themselves through the process.  

Can music teachers use this workbook?

  • This workbook was designed by a music teacher and used with her students.  It can be used by the student alone, or with a teacher as a supplemental guide through the process.

Do you have to know a lot about music, chords, or the piano to use this workbook?

  • No, this workbook was designed with a beginner in mind and should be just fine for someone with minimal music knowledge to use.

What about a guitar version?

  • We hear you and we are working on more workbooks in different versions to use with other instruments, such as a guitar.

What about a more advanced version for someone with extensive music knowledge?

  • Because this workbook was designed with everyone in mind, it should be a great tool for all ages and skill levels, however someone with extensive music knowledge may understand some steps more quickly and be able to skip certain parts of the process.  The workbook was designed with this in mind.  If some parts are redundant or easy for you because of your prior knowledge, just skip ahead as needed.  We hear you though and more advanced workbooks are being created, so join our mailing list and we’ll let you know when they are available! 


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